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18+ | he/they | queer | writer | illustrator
SFF enthusiast | anti-censorship
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About Me

My name is Arka WR, and I am a disabled Indonesian artist and writer. Aside from fandom stuff, I write and draw original content.

As a queer person, I always want to represent the queer community in my content. However, it is not an easy thing to do, as the country I'm from is pretty homophobic. I've had my novels rejected from publications for even implying queer relationships.


Original Comics

The Firewalker is a story about Aidan, who had guessed that leaving his village would bring great changes into his life. He certainly wasn't expecting to join a rebellion and meet a mysterious bard who tagged along the ride.Genre: Fantasy, Action, BL, LGBT
Rating: Teen

Tale of Yokai Hunter is a story about Kazahana Sumire, an heir of a yokai hunter clan. Her life has been going rather smoothly, until a new student named Shiba Natsuno comes and turns her world upside down.Genre: Mystery, Romance, Action
Rating: Teen

Stillwater is a short horror story about a creature in the lotus pond.Genre: Horror
Rating: Mature

Bunflower Farm is a short, heartwarming story about a bunflower farmer.Genre: LGBT
Rating: General Audience

Fan Comics

Amidst the Sea of Lotus Flower: A JingHeng Poetry Book is an experimental, illustrated poetry book about Jing Yuan and Dan Heng's relationship in an alternate universe.Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction
Rating: Teen

Written Works


Ever since she was little, Kartika Pratanggawati had always wanted to be a spaceship pilot. Her dream had been to see with her own eyes the sight that no other human being had seen before, at the edge of their solar system.She certainly had never hoped to see a gargantuan ship flying above Eris, right over its frozen horizon.Genre: Science Fiction, Action, GL, LGBT
Rating: Teen

We Could Always Begin Again is the first installment in the story We Are Wanderer. It’s a story about letting go, about unconditional love, and—above all—about a family not bound by blood.Follow Surya, a grieving orphan, as he learned about letting go of his late father, and was taught by an extraterrestrial being named Aenzel, who came specifically to find Surya under the request of Surya’s mother.Genre: Science Fiction, Family, Platonic Relationship, LGBT
Rating: Teen

Short Story

For Tawang Prasetya, Sorfor cargo ship is home, and its crew family.Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Platonic Relationship, LGBT
Rating: Teen



Listed below are collaborative fanzines that I have modded.
I wouldn't be able to publish them without other contributors' help.

Come Back For Me

Zargar Zine 2018

The Fight We Take

Thulaz Zine 2018

Long Live the Emperor

Zarkon Zine 2019

Cherished Partners

Thanzag Zine 2021

A Guiding Star

XiaoAe Zine 2021

Genshin Maid

Maid Zine 2021

Amidst the Autumn Storm

KazuAe Zine 2021

Lapis Dei

Morax Zine 2021

Listed below are collaborative fanzines that I have modded with others.

Timelines: A Voltron AU ZineVoltron Legendary DefendersArt Mod, Formatting Mod
Andromeda: A Voltron Lingerie ZineVoltron Legendary DefendersArt Mod, Formatting Mod

Listed below are collaborative fanzines that I am currently modding.

Primordial Depth: A Neuvillette ZineGenshin ImpactHead Mod, Art Mod, Graphic Mod

Listed below are collaborative fanzines that is still upcoming.

Eclipse: A Jingheng Xianxia ZineHonkai Star RailHead Mod, Formatting Mod





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